Change of Filing Location for Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition

Form I-824 is the Application in which Petitioners and Applicants file with the USCIS, requesting for Action on an Approved Applications in which USCIS had previously approved in the interview, but has not issue approved notices. USCIS announced on February 19, 2010 that it revised filing instructions and addresses for applicants filing Form I-824. The new form is dated 12/11/09. The USCIS stated the reasons for the changes are part of an overall effort to transition the intake of benefit forms from USCIS local offices and Service Centers to USCIS Lockbox facilities. Centralizing form and fee intake to a Lockbox environment allows USCIS to provide Applicants and Petitions with more efficient and effective initial processing of applications and fees.

Beginning February 19, 2010, Applicants and Petitioners must file Form I-824 with a USCIS Lockbox facility, based on which Service Center or local office approved their original petition or application. Detailed guidance is available in the updated Form I-824 instructions.

After received, USCIS Service Centers will forward all Form I-824 applications to the Lockbox facility for the next 30 days. After February 19, 2010, the Service Centers will return any incorrectly filed Form I-824 applications with instructions to send the application to the correct location.

When filing Form I-824 at a USCIS Lockbox facility, applicants may elect to receive an email and/or text message notifying them that USCIS has accepted their application. To receive notification, applicants must complete an E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (Form G-1145), and attach it to the first page of their application.

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